The Secret of Abuse

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So, it has been a really long time since I wrote a post for this blog. Long overdue. I apologize. And I apologize also because this one maybe isn’t the best choice of topic for my return-to-blogging. But there’s this mess going on here in Ontario about a public member of the media who allegedly […]

August 3

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It’s the eve of the day that I hate. I dread the arrival of this day every year. August 3. The day my dad died. This year will mark 22 years since that day that derailed my life. Everything changed that day. And the people who know me as an optimist, as someone who believes […]

Thanking Zack

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I write this post for Zack and his family, the Hamiltons. If you are not familiar with Zack’s story, check out the posts on his mom, Heather’s blog. I have never met the Hamiltons and had never met Zack, their beautiful boy. In the way technology like the Internet, smart phones and social media have […]

Do what matters the most

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I’m not a perfect parent. Nor have I claimed to be a perfect parent. Ditto for my husband. In fact, I don’t know any parents to whom I would apply a label of perfection, nor do we expect it of them. Isn’t parenting more of a process in which we grow and learn and just […]

Is a life worth saving?

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Last week, I read an article in The London Free Press about a local mother who is awaiting a biopsy to determine whether or not she has thyroid cancer. Despite finding out about the growth in May 2010, the woman is still waiting to see a specialist, who will then need to order the biopsy. […]

Remembering Mom

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Leave it to one of my children to put things into proper perspective. A while ago, I was sorting a pile of mail and came across an envelope from the annual Canadian Cancer Society lottery.  But instead of being addressed to me or my husband, it was addressed to my mother.  It used her full […]

Cupboards Filled with Love

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Last night as I was emptying my dishwasher, I stepped back from my opened cupboard and paused. I looked at my ivy-design Corelle plates, saucers and bowls. Some of the bowls are from another Corelle pattern, and two saucers have violets painted on them. I have a platter with a silver rim that doesn’t match […]